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Dental Sleep Apnea Therapy

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Dr. Berardinelli also practices dental sleep therapy. What this basically involves is the construction of oral appliances that reduce or eliminate snoring and/or sleep apnea. This treatment is primarily for people who: 

  1. Snore
  2. Have mild to moderate sleep apnea
  3. Can't tolerate their CPAP machine

Our staff has had extensive training in sleep medicine and the construction of these appliances. Although each case is different depending on the severity of the apnea problem, we have had excellent results treating mild to moderate sleep apnea and snoring.

My dental office has been successfully providing oral appliance therapy for our patients with obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep-related disorders for the past several years. I am very excited about the positive results we've been achieving. This form of treatment, which we gear towards non-compliant CPAP users, is both recognized and accepted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). It also very effective for mild to moderate sleep apnea.

The oral appliance therapies (OAT) that we use are some of the most advanced, FDA-approved appliances on the market today. These appliances keep the airway unobstructed during sleep by repositioning the mandible forward. With the mandible repositioned in this manner, the soft palate is unable to collapse and obstruct the velopharynx; thus, the open airway space decreases apneic episodes during sleep.

The results from the use of OAT have been very successful. Along with increased restful sleep and decreased daytime fatigue, our patients have demonstrated increased energy, weight loss, and a decrease in blood pressure. I am currently working in association with Epoch Sleep Disorders Center, an AASM accredited in-lab and out-of-center sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment center, located in Monessen, PA. Together, we are the only sleep center in the Mon Valley Area providing both CPAP and/or oral appliance treatment for our patients who cannot tolerate CPAP therapy. Home sleep testing is available. Epoch Sleep Disorders Center provides in-home set up, instruction, and demonstration of the home-study unit.

Many insurance companies reimburse for OAT and its related services. I am also a Medicare provider. Medicare will pay for OAT and follow up appointments for patients who qualify for treatment.

I am a member and supporter of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), and American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). 

  • Member of AADSM (American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine)
  • Member of AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine)

Ready to reduce or eliminate snoring and/or sleep apnea? Dr. Nelson V. Berardinelli DMD has specialized training in sleep apnea treatment.
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